DAC Art Consulting – Brining New Approach to Business by Creative Arts Collections

The unique ideas or art always makes you different from ordinary, art lives in everyone because it allows us to think, inspire, and drive us to put our own opinions. It actually enhances your surrounding whether it is office or residence it gives an appealing look to the visitors. It transfer the empty space into a new admired view in which we live and work, you can design the art collections as per your corporate related business activities or as per your choice.

The demand for the Corporate Art services has increased in the present time due to their features and benefits. It works as a close link between the client and staffs. Many of the studies have also claimed that it also plays very significant role in enhancing employees growth, create pleasant working environment, and also encourage the visitors.

We always try to build an unique impression through the help of quality based art designs that are enable to appeal the clients and staffs too. Our works always works in favor of your company work environment and services.

The corporate hire the art consulting services to build another level of standard by the creative design or collections of art works. It is important while choosing the Art Consulting Services to focus on the few essential things like how these are beneficial to your business, affect on working environment, enhance the company’s mission etc. We are here to resolve all your doubts by serving the excellent art works. We always suggest the customer to choose the best art collections that are mean to help your business.


DAC Art Consultancy: Offering Innovation

An art consultant is a person who provides art services for either individual art collectors or business firm customers. He or she can be considered as an expert in all types of artworks and in all related events such as art exhibitions. Important roles played by an Atlanta Art Consultants are as follows:

A skilled art consultant will meet with a client and get a feel for their likes and dislikes, take down their budget and note any specific pieces the client is looking for.

Requires expert sourcing to find exactly the right pieces. Wherever your project is located these consultants try to provide artists local to your project location. Some of the Atlanta art consulting firms have a huge network globally in the art community to meet each and everyone art requirement.

Atlanta art consultants take care of acquisition of the art piece, contacting with a reputable artist in the industry, framing, shipping, safety, timely delivery of the art piece.

In addition to traditional framed fine art, many consultants work with other types of art as well. Some consultants specialize in textile arts, while others specialize in sculpture, or installation arts. Many consultants also have a background in interior design, and, as part of their service, may offer to broker other decorative pieces, such as antiques, or craft objects.

Corporate choose these art consultants because they help to acquire new art piece, liquidate old ones, get the best market price,installing,framing and delivery of art piece, building corporate identity, providing valuable insurance need for valuable paintings.

Hire Art Consultant to enhance the image of your organization

DAC Hospitality offers Corporate Art consulting service to some of the most prestigious corporate houses. We are making office and organization beautiful and inspiring place for the employees as well as for clients. Invest in art consulting services and experience its impact on your performance. Supported by the team of some brilliant art consultant, the motive of the DAC Hospitality is to explore the potential of the art.

Active in the industry since last 30 years, we understand the different needs of different clients and define customized art solution suiting to their business perspective. Our list of clients includes commercial as well as residential clients. Browse our rich portfolio and learn how investing in art consultancy could help you.



How we work?

  • Introduction of the work
    A quick meeting with the client to get a complete idea about their art direction, plans, budgets and requirement.
  • Design Aspect
    A presentation is designed featuring various options that could fulfill the client’s demand
  • Prototype of the final work
    TO get the final approval before implementation
  • Manufacturing the art work
    The art work is designed and manufactured as per the client’s demand.
  • Installation
    We send our expert for the installation work as well.

For us, art consultancy is not just a business, but we live our work. Book your appointment and learn how we can define the beauty of your organizational space.

Art Consultancy: Spreading Inspiration

Art is no more restricted to drawing room of elite class, but it has expanded itself and you can notice the smart implication of art even in commercial and professional space. The purpose of incorporating art is simple, let the simplicity and uniqueness of the art accentuate the overall aura of the space. Selecting right art not just make the space more interesting for viewers, but it also positively affects the people who work there.

It is well known fact that the human brain and mood is influenced by the artwork. The growing importance of healthcare, art testifies how the smart incorporation of the creativity can be used to bring positive change in one’s life. The smart use of color and positive artwork on the wall doesn’t soothe the eyes, but it also motivates and heal the person.

Hospitality Art Consulting

If you are managing any health care center, especially hospital, then you must be aware of how the right art can improve the performance of the professionals as well as the patient’s healing rate. With consultancies like DAC Hospitality, one of the most trusted healthcare art consulting in Georgia and its surroundings you can learn how the right creative input can improve the appearance of the building and its people.

Call our art consultant and learn how the incorporation of healthcare art can positively improve the overall atmosphere.

Looking for an experienced Georgia art consultant?

Whether you run a hotel or a hospital, you can’t debt the promising role of art works displayed at various places in the premises. In today’s competitive marketing landscape, they play a vital role by driving engagement, attractive and most importantly sales for the brands. Not only for businesses, people can even seek professional Atlanta art consulting services to adorn their homes. As there is no definite format of art and the ideation rests nowhere. Artists are known to live free in their world and come up with something really touching and captivating.

Atlanta Art

This is the reasons why they are so much desired in the marketing industry where distinctiveness holds the key to success. The level of uniqueness your marketing elements are the better results you can expect out of them.

Georgia Art Consulting Services

When it comes to choose the most exquisite Georgia art, there is no set format. However, people choose to prefer what is in trend. In general, there are different characteristics for each decade.If youwant to prefer examples of contemporary art, you can choose to search online and see many different samples. There are endless numbers of pieces that are on sale at stores and online. Local museums are known to have myriads of examples to see the different art from the past few decades.

However, if you really want to make a substantial different, you can choose to contact Atlanta art consultants who take a professional approach towards art selection. They are primarily used for corporate art works that are meant to make a significant impact.

Art consulting – Make art work for you

If you’re discovering how can art make things wonderful and productive for you, there are numerous examples where it can be clearly realized. Be it conference halls, fitness centres, corporate offices, hospitals, community halls, meeting rooms, wedding halls, party halls, or any other places, you find attractive art works such as painting there. They have a natural tendency to create a lasting impression on to the minds of the people in some way. This concept is not entirely new and businesses have been using it since long. But now it has taken a formal and professional shape and many businesses have started making the use of same.

Atlanta Art

Whether you run a grocery store or a fitness centre or a hotel, choosing the right art consulting services is necessary for you to push your marketing efforts in a productive way. As people give priority to an image rather than text, Atlanta art gives an opportunity to people to count on a new way of marketing in today’s competitive business landscape.

Healthcare Art Consulting

While choosing art consulting services, make sure the chosen art work carries the right image of your brand in an engaging way. It is not just about picking any art work and displaying it on the walls but there must be a thorough analysis and research before that. And this is where contacting a reputed art consultant drives the right engagement and results. They can easily be sought on internet as most of them available on web and looking for possible clients across various industries.

Where can you find reliable art consulting services?

If you’re looking to make it big for your business by investing in the most relevant art works, choosing art consulting services might be the best decision to you in this regard. Using art works for marketing purpose is not a novice concept as it has been uses since centuries. But over a period of time, people have started using in innovative ways.

Hospitality Art Consulting

For example, if you visit a dental clinic, you notice fabulous and insightful art works displayed there. They not just provide crucial information about the subject but they create a captivating appeal to your mind in a different way.  If next you come across any dental problem, you’re more likely to visit the same clinic and this is the real purpose of displaying enticing art works. Now when it comes to choose the best art consulting services, the options are many. However, it is necessary that one shouldn’t take the decision in hurry and there must be a thorough research behind your final choice.

corporate art consultan

Be it a hotel or a hospital or a customer service center, choosing the right art work is very much important as it intends to make a lasting appeal to the people visiting it. Whether it is corporate art or hospitality art or any other art sector, relying on professional art consulting services is utmost important to attain the desired value out of your investment. A handsome amount of sum invested at the right place holds the key to success in this field.