The Ultimate in Health Care Art

Sky industrial plant Illusions of nature Healthcare Art Soothes and relaxes patients, Improves health outcomes, Makes folks happy and Generates higher patient satisfaction scores.

Sky Factory health care art delivers the stainability advantages of nature into a large form of health care environments- MRI and radiology suites, higher than patient beds, hospital waiting and dynamical areas, even in corridors and alternative public and employees locations.

Research has established that exposure to nature and nature mental imagery alleviates stress, gives positive distraction, reduces pain and shortens hospital stays. Owing to their superior realism, exquisite composition, distinctive aglow presentation, and quality workmanship, sky industrial plant sky Ceilings and aglow virtual windows bring nature within and superbly differentiate a facility from competitors, and clearly profit rock bottom line.

Patients and purchasers attest to Sky Factory’s health care Art Solutions

Patients instantly reply to the glow sky Ceiling. It offers North American country one thing to converse concerning, and it helps the patients feel relaxed. It is modified the full ambiance of the area.

Our glow sky ceiling helps offer an awfully calming atmosphere in our operative space. It is a great deal like having a true window within the area. It is wonderful what you see in those pictures, it extremely takes your mind off the procedure- MF, cancer patient.

The sky industrial plant sky ceilings facilitates patients relaxes. Once patients are relaxed, they expertise less pain and recover quicker. So they leave the ability sooner, that decreases our personnel price we have a tendency moreover because the price of provides that we use to stay them comfy.

Our patients respond completely to the sky industrial plant sky ceiling. They love its lightweight and also the image of a sunny day, particularly once it is stormy and dreary outside. The read is soothing and takes their mind off the examination, reduces stress, and sets them comfortable. Once patients are less stressed, they need an additional positive expertise.

Healthcare Art Consulting makes a specialty of providing communication services to health care purchasers nation-wide. Our success is focused on educating our purchasers, providing innovative solutions, and building semi-permanent partnerships with our purchasers.

Based in metropolis, Texas, health care Art Consulting makes a specialty of providing communication services to hospitals and health care facilities nation-wide. Our success is focused on educating our purchasers, providing innovative solutions, and building semi-permanent partnerships with our purchasers.

Our Mission is to be the leading supplier of communication services for health care facilities nation-wide.Our Vision is to make innovative solutions that rework health care facilities into healing environments with positive patient outcomes.Our Core Values are to make a culture of trust through repetitive action and additionally to point out reference to team members, purchasers and community members. To supply answerability for all team members with an understanding of their role and the way their actions have an effect on everybody else. To possess initiative and supply a level of service that is within the prime a hundred and twenty fifth of all service suppliers.


Have a Unique Idea – Concept and Design, Call DAC Art Consulting To Implement It

Idea, designs and concepts energizes an artist to use his/her creativity to implement it.

An artist can give wings to your imagination by presenting it in a graphical way.

DAC Art consulting is Atlanta based art consulting company. It has one of the best Atlanta art consultants team.

They are professional artist who gather your requirement and work accordingly to give you the best art work.

They work for diversified clients and for various business domains like Gaming and Casinos, Bars, Hospitality and Life style, Healthcare etc.

Their expertise and your idea works together to get something big out of it.

The best thing is that they put their full enthusiasm and effort to standardize the space by using their creativity.

If you have a space, just assign it to them and they will enhance the interior in such a way that you will get happy when you will look inside out at the end of the day.

Whether it is small or big project, people at DAC are always ready to help you by coming up with something new.

They never repeat their creativity like other art consultancies; they always find new ways of publishing their art.

This is the reason that they have clients from all over the globe. They have worked on projects from Spain, Miami and Chicago etc.

They have worked for many giant companies like Northside Hospital Atlanta, Portland Monaco, Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay, The Betty etc.

DAC Art Consulting also work on luxurious projects and provides awesome art productivity, this has been recognized by giant hospitality companies like Hyatt and Marriot.

The most amazing thing with DAC is that they provide world class services to their clients. These services are as follows:

  1. Graphics designing
  2. Installation
  3. Delivery
  4. Framing and Presentation
  5. Selection and Acquisition

DAC people don’t do only the art work; they verify it with superior artists until they find the design to be perfect.

They are so customer centric that they help in the installation part too. They also do the framing and focus on presentation of the design.

DAC consultants also use advance tools for giving graphics designing services. Their graphics designer works with the art consultant to come up with something new and attractive.

They deliver their design and artwork at the client site. Their customer centric approach has made them people’s first choice when it comes on enhancing the interior.

Various business firms have consulted DAC for enhancing the interior of their premise and now they are counted as one of the best corporate art consultants.

Their budget and cost cutting techniques are so good, that it leads them towards success and that is why they have worked successfully on 5542 projects for 732 clients.

By this statistics you can calculate their rehiring rate easily. This is because their work really speaks and their creativity and artistic approach stands out of the crowed.

Add Customized Artistic Vision to Your Space from the Inspired Artistic Solutions

Are you looking for renovating your corporate space! Do you want your office looks beautiful with added artistic vision? Do you want to make your hotel designed with style, top-notch interior and customized art work? Art consultation services are the ultimate answer to make your dream comes true!

Look for the most inspired artistic solutions to add customized artistic vision to your space. Get your space renovated to the most artistic look with added personalized experience! Get your space refurbished with creative vision tailored to all your needs!

Making the space more attractive, creative and attractive is really an art. Decorating the space with graphics, art, light effects, painting, furniture and many more is very common. Well, to add a personalized experience, it is vital to make it more customized and artistic. And to get it done excellently, approach to Art Consulting Services.

Art consulting firms helps you to shape your corporate space in the most creative and artistic way. They are the leaders in this field. They are backed with a long tradition of developing creative artistic solutions for the corporate spaces. Offering customized settings for every client ensures personalized experience that expertly combines design, function and budget. The expertise art consultation services ensure personalized experience to make art a statement of your brand.

The best art consultation services serve the needs of the healthcare, hospitality and every kind of corporate sector. They are the most inspired artistic solutions to provide a customized setting for every space.


Thoughtful Art Selection For Your Corporate Space

Corporate Art is becoming a major trend in the corporate world. The corporate fine art helps enhancing the corporate settings through thoughtful art selection. It offers a passion for all forms of artistic expression. The team of expert interior designers and architects transforms the space into the most artistic expression. It offers unique voice of the art to every corporate space. The quality work of every individual artist creates a cohesive art experience that combines the style, quality and intrinsic value.

The quality of the services they offer is always of top-drawer. Such as:

  • Framing process where both the technical and creative perspectives are taken care and the client is offered with enormous selections of fine moldings, custom hand finished frames.
  • Next the selection of resources for the artwork. The firm maintains a significant network of resources for artwork needs.
  • Once the artwork is ready, it is shipped and delivered to the destination.
  • The art consultation services ensures safe and timely delivery of the art pieces
  • The trusted installers and art handlers serve hassle-free services as per your schedules
  • The art works are installed safely and do not require any maintenance

Adding artistic vision to your corporate, hospitality or healthcare space is really a challenging thing. Well, by hiring the services of expert art consultation services, it can be made true. They are the expertise art services able to transform a boring space into the most stylish, modern place backed with artistic vision. They are expert to add every attention-to-detail and customization to make it more personalized and unique.