Corporate Art – A substantial business for artists

If you visit the corporate office a leading multinational firm, you will notice that the walls there are decorated with beautiful art works such as painting, chandeliers, and other decorative elements. This is known as corporate art. In earlier time, their focus was majorly on aesthetical aspect of the brand but now it has shifted to functional aspect of the same and there is lot of potential for aspiring artists.

In most of the cases, corporate art collections are employed as a medium to standardize the image that is projected by the company. It is not unusual for businesses to invest in buying pieces from local artists rather than seeking out art works from the likes of Da Vinci and Dali! This is because it allows the business to place themselves in the role of patron of the arts and gives them an opportunity to increase their social responsibility ratings.


For artists who wish to make it big with their exquisite skills, the best possible way is to feature their work on large art exhibitions that give a tremendous growth opportunity to them. One can also consult with local Georgia art consultants & PR firms as they are the first contacts of the businesses around.

Always remember that the primary goal for the business is to venture a certain image. It is a good idea to look at businesses with a local base and see what their company values and ethos are. If you can find one which you think is illustrated by your art then that is possibly a good place to start with.


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